'Walking Lifeless': Locate Sanctuary?

During "Prisoners," Beth (Emily Kinney) presses Daryl (Norman Reedus) to keep hope alive and start monitoring the remainder of the group.

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Following a short panic where it seemed like Mika would perhaps not live, Carol re appears to assist spare girls -- and Tyreese -- from walkers, setting Judith in the upkeep of the girl whom Rick banished in the jailhouse.

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For Glenn, he's adhered back in the jail and wakens to discover that walkers have overwhelmed the facility and everyone else has cleared out. Following a walker strike, Glenn -- nonetheless weak in the influenza -- passes out and his life is saved by Tara. (For comic books lovers, their debut is a virtually spot on recreation of problem 53.)

The entrance of Abraham, Eugene and Rosita -- along with the name test of the "Sanctuary" -- increase several concerns for the show' mythos. Leader among them: Is the Sanctuary referenced in this week's instalment the sam e one that is now in the core of The Walking Dead's comic strips story line-in which Rick fights the franchise's most heartless villain however in Negan? Will the debut of Abraham and his cronies direct the AMC play down the comic books trail that takes the threesome -- and Rick's rag-tag group -- toward Washington?

In the comic strips, Abraham is a former Military sergeant-turned-sports trainer who travels with high-school science instructor Dr. Eugene Porter and Rosita Espinosa -- a team that crossed trails with Rick and firm while at Hershel's farm when the threesome was headed for Washington, DC (For more about the brand new characters, just click here.)

For mentions to the Sanctuary, aka "Terminus," it is unsure if The Strolling Dead -- under comic books lover and new show-runner Scott M. Gimple -- will fast forward a lot more than 50 problems to the comic books' present story line. In originator Robert Kirkman's comic strips, the Sanctuary is where Negan lives -- a gated-community ruled by the man who makes The Governor seem just like a fluffy bunny. He utilizes violence and anxiety to rule the neighborhood of so called Saviors and requires other communities by pressure, regularly torturing individuals before they're prepared to spend him in foods and materials for "safety."

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Worth noting: The AMC show has however to introduce Greek alum Andrew J. West as the mystifying character Gareth, who will possess a huge presence in the rear half the season. Character particulars are being held under wraps however he is thought to have significant existence and be a re-mix of varieties of an unknown character in the comic strips, though Gimple lately told THR that Negan will not seem this season.

Of program, it's uncertain which path the zombie play will consider -- if any -- from the comic strips though Gimple has been insistent about getting a "re-mix" strategy to the show.

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